Keyboard input not recognized for specific key combination


Hi all,

I was trying to work through some issues with multi-directional firing in a crude Gauntlet-style prototype I'm building over the holidays. My character couldn't fire up and left; I thought maybe this was a trig or logic error on my part (those pesky negative numbers, amirite?), so once I solved everything else I went down the debug rabbit hole, testing the value of each relevant variable along the way...

...until I came across a problem that has me at my wit's end.

Here's the code, sitting in an input manager called o_input:

input_up = keyboard_check(ord("W"));
input_down = keyboard_check(ord("S"));
input_left = keyboard_check(ord("A"));
input_right = keyboard_check(ord("D"));
input_confirm = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_enter);
if(input_confirm == true) {
show_debug_message("input_confirm is true");

Any combination of these keys, plus input_confirm works, EXCEPT W + A + ENTER. I've even keymashed 3 direction buttons at a time. Only by pressing W, A and Enter* at the same time do I get no debug dialog, indicating to me that, for whatever reason, the keyboard_check_pressed() test is failing.

I have no idea why this is.

Please, someone, check my sanity. And let me know if I need to post more code.


* I have also tried keymashing W A and Enter with other keys. As long as W and A are pressed, Enter is not recognized.