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UWP Keyboard input lag (only in UWP export)



I ran into an issue with regards to keyboard input lag and the UWP Desktop variant.

I noticed that when running my game in the uwp export variant, there is a noticable lag for keyboard input.
This issue is also reproducible on the "YoYo Platform" example shipped with GMS 2.0

How to reproduce:
- Run the "YoYo Platform" example in the UWP desktop export
- Quickly alternate between walking left/right, after a few seconds the lag becomes very visible. It is even possible that the player keeps moving in the opposite direction of the pressed arrow-key.

To be sure this isn't some issue with my own laptop I tried the following:
- The old windows .exe works fine
- Downloading some random platformer games from the windows store and they behave fine.

Note that the problem exists in both GMS 2.0 and GMS 1.4.

Unfortunately, this issue makes my game unplayable for standard keyboard input.

Can anyone confirm my problem? Any idea how to solve this?


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
If you can reproduce and have a test project (or the YoYo one) to prove it, your best bet is to file a bug report.