Free Keyboard Cleaner [WIP]



Arrow Keys - Move
Spacebar - use selected weapon (lower bar)
A-Z Keys - Use power/block path (upper bar are powers)
1-4 - select weapon
F1-F4 - select power

Description: Becouse cleaning keyboards is a tedious task and your better off buying a new one, you summon special peons(Keyboard Cleaners) to aid you. Theyr equipped with several weapons with various functions to get the job done. But they alone are not that powerfull, they will need your aid, your Powers.

Dirt that you will encounter:
Tomato(red, can shoot seeds)
Tar+Some time=Hard Tar(purple)

The weapons the cleaners can use are:
1-Spears to deal damage [Bread/Hard Tar]
2-Fan to blow off dirt in holes [Bread]
3-Flame Thrower to dry off or harden dirt [Water/Tar/Tomato]
4-EMP to get a random Power thats shown above Powers

These are the players Powers:
1-Hammer, crushes instantly any hard dirt [Bread/Hard Tar]
2-Wall, blocks vertical paths on the specific key
3-Frost, freezes all liquid dirt for one hit kill [Water/Tar/Tomato]
4-Water, liquifies hard enemies [Hard Tar] *needs work on it*

Currently by destroyng dirt you earn points and the goal is to get the highest score you can achive. Once your cleaner dies, your score resets.

Current features:
-Various enemies which require different approaches to be destroyed
-4 weapons
-4 powers

Plans for future:
-more enemies
-Bosses that form from enemies that have fallen in the holes [currently they avoid the holes]
-different graphics [open to suggestions]
-other?[open to suggestions]

Hi guys, so some time ago i made a game that i got inspired to make by clenaning my keyboard.

here is the gamejolt page, it has screenshots and playable demo, but if you want i can post some screens here

any feedback wuld be appreciated
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