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Hello, I am professional GameMaker: Studio / GML programmer. I specialize in 2D games. Can develop a project of any type and complexity. Also, love to make graphics effects and Box2D physics. I can work on GMS 1.4 and GMS 2 for Desktop, Mobile and HTML5. Can take both small one-task orders and long-term projects.

10 years of experience, computer programming degree, a lot of assets on the marketplace, registered business. 4000+ hours of freelance work. Neat, high performing and well-commented code. Have some skill in graphics and game design.

Availability: Per request.
Rate: $20 per hour.

  • Any 2D games (Platformer, Scroll Shooter, Arcade, TDS, Rogue-like, RPG, Puzzle, etc.)
  • Game engines, prototypes, games to release
  • Online Highscores, Databases, JSON, MySQL, Basic Multiplayer
  • Simulations, demonstrations, applications
  • Motion / collision
  • Different graphics effects (primitives, particles, blend modes, GFX, shaders, etc.)
  • Physics Engine (Box2D)
  • Particles design
  • GUI, HUDs, animations, transitions
  • Shaders (2D)
  • Tools, editors, converters, parsers
  • Optimization, bugfixes, etc.
  • Mobile advertising, in-app purchasing, cloud saving, etc.
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, HTML5

  • PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer
  • TransferWise
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and other)
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmercianExpress)
  • eChecks
  • Wire transfer to USD bank account
  • For companies: Local transfer to a bank in US (USD), UK (GBP), EU/SEPA (EUR)



Other possible services:

Some videos:
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My project request was completed in one week. Code were fully commented and very great. Very good service!


Here is another prototype that I made for order (Top-Down Racing, physics based, drawing road along the path, minimap):

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The code we requested was completed swiftly. We are very happy with the service provided by MusNik and would highly recommend his service.
Hi i am finished, the grafic part of my game, may be in one month i can have complete, and i need help with my programing, can you help me?
Hello. I am looking for three things at the moment:

1) I am making my AI, and want to make sure its optimized, and is as good as it can be. Right now its mostly doing what I want, but it can be temperamental. So I would like a quote for fixing it / or implementation of improvements / or you build your own - depending on which seems most viable, and an agreeable cost.

2) Making sure that the project is set up properly in its current state. That options in GMS are correctly configured, and for as much of the project that exists (the AI and some basic game play mechanics) you see if it can be improved.

This and number 1 are things I'd like to hire you for now.

3) I have some graphical effects that I want to implement, but shaders / the use of surfaces etc are something I need help with. Right now this would just be to get your input - can you do these effects, and how intensive might they be for processing.

If you're confident they can be done, and prove yourself with my other requirements - then I would hire you again to implement these graphical effects when the games mechanics are finalized.

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!


Hello KeeVee Games, just curious if you are you able to work on GMS2 projects?



Do you have multiplayer experience? I am looking for a programmer to contract to take my current local multiplayer prototype and convert it to support external multiplayer. I am also looking for some initial Bot/AI creation, analytics integration and Kongregate API integration, if you are available and able to do that, please fire me a message or look for my recent post in this forum covering what I need in more detail.



Another prototype for order. Shader-based space generation with infinite nebulas and stars (no graphics needed for generation).
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I've worked with KeeVee Games on several projects in the past year and I'm always blown away by their expertise and quality of work. They always deliver before the deadline and communication is swift and efficient. I highly recommend working with them!


KeeVee Games has worked on a few different projects of mine and they are always quick to respond, fair on pricing, and professional. I will continue to work with them for any of my future project needs, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.


I'm interested in your services. I currently use the TwitchIO extension to detect when people comment certain things in Twitch chat. However, I'm moving to StreamLabs OBS as a platform (they have their own API that detects comments, donations, etc.) and would like to use that API instead of Twitch. Is this something you could assist with?


Hola. Para el que quiera saberlo yo he contratado anteriormente a Nikita Musatov. Mi experiencia con él es que se quedó con el dinero sin terminar el trabajo. No recuperé el dinero porque él abusó de mi confianza y buena fe.

Hi. For those who want to know, I have previously hired Nikita Musatov. My experience with him is that he kept the money without finishing the job. I did not get the money back because he abused my trust and good faith.



Funny thing is, you never mentioned you want a refund or not liking the job done as I remember. Please contact me on: support@keevee.games with the REFUND subject, and I'll consider your case.

For the other people reading this: if you will have a chance to work with Mario Granderrota, I will suggest you not agree on that! My experience of communication with him was... unwilling. In fact, that job was actually finished, Mario hired me to make a neural network on GameMaker, which I have done, sent him and he was satisfied (here is the post demonstrating one of the neural network functions: ). Then he asked me to make other things, that after my research I consider not possible / not convenient to make on GameMaker, because it was complex enterprise project that should work on actual state institution in Spain (!). Not a game at all, in other words. I suggest him to use an enterprise solution like C# / Java, and find another freelancer with that experience. But he continued to write me an infinite amount of emails asking me to make this work on GameMaker anyway (?). I admit that on some point I stopped answering this (even after he tried to reach me with all possible ways (socials, messengers, phone (!)), probably I shouldn't have done that and should have tried to explain things more clear, but there was a lot of other work for me to do, instead of trying to speak with the person who doesn't want to listen. Although, if he's unhappy with the work done, I would like to make a refund and hope to never contact with him again. Thanks!
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El segundo trabajo lo pagué por adelantado, aceptaste y necesitabas tiempo.
En todo momento te he ofrecido la oportunidad de dejar el proyecto, de pedir más dinero si te parecía poco lo que te pagaba, etc.
Pero, como bien dices, efectivamente no fuiste claro. De hecho; tal como te expresaste y como lo hiciste me enfadó bastante. Más si dejas de contestar justo cuando ha terminado el plazo de protección.
Yo no necesito el dinero, lo que necesitaba era ayuda para orientar mi proyecto. Sobre todo necesité la ayuda en la primera ola del COVID, porque de mi dependían los dos hospitales más grandes de Madrid...

The second job I paid in advance, you accepted and you needed time.
At all times I have offered you the opportunity to leave the project, to ask for more money if what I paid you seemed little, etc.
But, as you say, indeed you were not clear. In fact; just how you expressed yourself and how you did it made me quite angry. More if you stop answering just when the term of protection has ended.
I don't need the money, what I needed was help to guide my project (not for you to program it entirely). Above all, I needed help in the first wave of COVID, because the two largest hospitals in Madrid depended on me ...


I did not get the money back because he abused my trust and good faith.
I don't need the money

The last payment you did is for the consultation, my consultation result was: "it's not making sense to make such project on GameMaker, try to use other specialized software for that".
I understand that it may be a not a satisfying answer despite that it still took my time to examine your materials, so I just refunded the payment (although you never asked for that in person).

two largest hospitals in Madrid depended on me
Again, you shouldn't develop hospital software with the game engine.

Sorry, that was my fault, I shouldn't have ignored your messages where you asking me to make the job done on GameMaker despite my statements that it is not making sense. I needed to be more clear that I am not gonna do this. I apologize.
If there's something more unclear to you please contact me in person. Thanks.

I am really sorry that the whole situation has happened, henceforth I will try to be more clear with my intentions.
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Hablando es como llegamos a entendernos las personas.

Puede que no fuese tu intención; pero con la respuesta a la que haces mención yo interpreté que no habías leído nada sobre mi proyecto de organización de transporte (no de hospitales como tal). Por la fecha en la que contestas, pero sin volver a contestar posteriormente, me parecía una manera de superar el tiempo de protección. Yo pensé (puede que equivocado) que podrías haber contestado eso tan escueto muchos meses antes.

Si invertí tanto tiempo esperándote es porque considero que eres un buen programador. Yo no soy programador; pero creo que no me equivoco en esto.

Ha llegado el dinero a paypal. Ok. Gracias.

Speaking is how people come to understand each other.

It may not have been your intention; but with the answer to which you mention, I interpreted that you had not read anything about my transport organization project (not hospitals as such). Due to the date you answer, but without answering again later, it seemed a way to overcome the protection time. I thought (maybe wrong) that you could have answered that so briefly many months before.

If I spent so much time waiting for you, it is because I consider you to be a good programmer. I am not a programmer; but I think I'm not wrong about this.

The money has arrived to paypal. Okay. Thank you.