Android keeping time on client and server for timer/icremental game



im working on an android game, its a timer/incremental game and have a server written in php and client in gamemaker studio.
the game is based on 60second cycles. so every 60seconds you gain x resources.

the server records client timestamps via the time() function in php.
this works perfect when determining the time between the last login and the current login time.
but im having problems wrapping my head around how the client should be setup.

right now the client does a http call to the server every 60seconds to update information.
my logic is the client keeping track of its own time separate of the server for things like timer countdown animations, but its proving not to work.

how often should I be updating the server and checking the time if the game only gains resources every 60seconds?
also how should I setup timer animations ?
sry if dumb questions im just realy stumped.