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Keeping .ini-files despite of deinstallation app

Hi buddies, :p

now I am in the final cut-phase of my first big game.
My game should be the first chapter of several. The gamer should be able
to transfer his "earned" points, lifes and items into the next chapter, that must
be installed. In case of a player unistalls the first chapter:

Is it possible to spare the .ini-fies from deinstallation, to take the contents
into a new chapter, that have to be installed?

Best wishes and stay healthy,


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By default, all created files should be created in the local storage. They should not be removed from there upon uninstallation unless your uninstaller explicitly removes this directory. You will not be able to access this file from another game (assuming that the chapters are separate games) due to sandboxing, though. You can get around this by disabling sandboxing and summoning the burden of having to find the file on the user's system in a specified location that may or may not exist and may or may not be accessible upon yourself. This is about as recommended as lighting yourself on fire.


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Just throwing ideas, the second game could have a file picker that allows the user to tell your second game where their save files are. Just make sure your first game notifies the user where their save files are, and that your save files are sufficiently tamper-proof.

Unless you're working with a mobile platform (Android, not sure iOS but likely the same), in which case Android won't spare your files in the sandbox after uninstallation.

Hope I helped!


Kind of. It is not possible for different applications to access each other's localappdata without requesting the user find and select the file, then permissions are granted. You might be able to get around this by disabling the sandbox, but if the two projects are separate then it would be better to ask the player to export their data from one program and import it from the other rather than relying that their file system will match everyone else's.
Thank you guys, for your answers and ideas. I will make a test-chapter and produce a debug.apk for google play. After accomplishing the first chapter I will uninstall it. Afterwards I install the debug.apk with an object inside, that opens the ini-file with its sectors and keys... draw-event, showing lives, score and artefacts. Then I will see if it works. If not, I will consider the idea of Hyomoto to inform the player, where the gamesave is stored.

Thanks a lot to all of you.
And keep strong and healthy!