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Discussion in 'Programming' started by OfficialVreesie, Jan 13, 2020 at 11:36 PM.

  1. OfficialVreesie

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    Hi all, I have a problem.
    I created this game where I have a ball that can bounce against the walls, but I also want to keep the ball bouncing for a minimum speed, so the ball can go faster than that, but it must be bouncing a bit!

    Here is my step event code:
    //apply gravity
    yspd += grav;
    //collide on x-axis
    if place_meeting(x+xspd,y,obj_block1)
    while !place_meeting(x+sign(xspd),y,obj_block1)
    x += sign(xspd);

    xspd *= -bouncedecay;
    //collide on y-axis
    if place_meeting(x,y+yspd,obj_block1)
    while !place_meeting(x,y+sign(yspd),obj_block1)
    y += sign(yspd);

    yspd *= -bouncedecay;
    //Update positions
    x += xspd;
    y += yspd;

    Now I already tried to keep yspd > 10 and yspd < -10, but that causes the ball to freeze.

    How can I do this?
  2. TheouAegis

    TheouAegis Member

    Jul 3, 2016
    Check if xspd and yspd are less than the minimum speed, then set them to the minimum speed if they are.

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