Windows Karoshi Portal


The game has been updated to version .7!
There are now eight more levels(for a total of 24), and some other minor things have been polished. You can download the updated version from the same link:

I've had fun with this particular fan game for sure. But a lot of my games are platformers so doing a fangame of Karoshi isn't a huge stretch for me. In the past I've tried to make fangames of other stuff and it's not always smooth sailing if I've never made that type of game before. Fortunately I have a lot of experience with platform puzzle games. I've already made at least 5 of them: Sleepshooter, Seimbein, Maximus Cerebrum, Endings of the Ugly, etc.

Hope you guys enjoy the update!


Another update! This time the game has reached BETA status, and contains a grand total of 30 levels. If no bugs or glitches are found, this may be the final version of the game.
You can download from the same link here:

Note: There's also a timer added to the game so speedrunning is possible.