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Beta Kalvgv's Descent into the Pith (Kalvgv 4)



I hope you enjoy this little roguelike. Has random dungeons (spoiler, F9 is room reset). Currently no way to progress to level 2 (room) but it has near endless replayability. Nothing in the screens are dev secrets, all something you can acquire in game.

Use game jolt app and it'll update automatically.

The next update will be a visual one.


  1. I've added rings of powers
  2. I've added ring charges
  3. Retextures for walls and floor implemented
  4. Added light effects to some magic abilities
  5. Interior walls can now be destroyed with rings of power
  6. Fixed animation bug on flaming sword
  7. Added more frames to fire animations
  8. New texture for fireballs added
  9. Fireflies now retextured to be more realistic
  10. Fixed goblin and slimes so now you actually see them instead of looking at rats