GMS 2 Jumpthrough Platform and slopes

Hey there guys. I'm sure that it's been asked like a billion times. But i'm trying to pull-through jump through platforms and slopes. While the Zack bell action platformer aint bad per say it has alot of negatives and downfalls, it's free now so I can't complain to much. But the way that he approaches jump-through platforms is kinda a mess. The issue being that you can't have a jumpthrough platform directly near the Player. Meaning if you're jumping upwards and your player touches another jumpthrough platform or even directly touching a jumpthrough platform it'll return false in his "onGround script" which makes sense as how the code is made and formulated.

return place_meeting(x, y + 1, oParSolid) || (place_meeting(x, y + 1, oParJumpThru ) && !place_meeting(x, y, oParJumpThru));
But that's the thing though virtually ALL platformer games will have jumpthrough platforms where the mask of the player will be touching another Jumpthrough. Another Pitfall is Jumpthrough Ramps.

so. this is what i did to make sure the normal jumpthrough platforms work is change up the code structure in his "PlatformCheck".
i added a new variable called "TwoWayTarg" which will be used later to make do collision checks with the current jumpthrough

Here's how it looks like now

(OnGround Script)

return place_meeting(x, y + 1, oParSolid) || (place_meeting(x, y + 1, TwoWayTarg ) && !place_meeting(x, y, TwoWayTarg));

(PlatformCheck Script)
if (vsp>0)
    with (TwoWay)
        if (place_meeting(x,y-other.vsp,other) && !place_meeting(x,y,other))
            other.y+= (bbox_top-1) - other.bbox_bottom;
            return true;

This makes the jumpthrough Platform work now and even though the player is touching another TwoWay he won't fall through and you're able to still jump. However this breaks ANY hope for JumpThrough Slopes as now when landing on top of the slope it'll snap him back to the top of the Boundary box. I also don't use a sprite for slopes rotate them in GM's room editor and check the "Rectangle with rotation"

does anyone have an idea i can use to make this work?
Okay so im thinking of trying something else for collisions. There seems to be a very odd behavior which i think should be turned off or somehow precalculated in gm. But it seems like when you rotate an object in the Room Editor the Bounding Box also changes in the game as well...

I've tested this multiple times. When you Rotate the object in game it works fine as in the Bounding box variables rotate with the image angle, where as if you predefine the angle in the room editor it modify the bounding boxes values. To me this doesn't make to much sense as all the Rotation according to the Manual changes the image_angle of the object. So I'm not sure if it is a bug or not but it certainly is a huge flaw