Drag And Drop Jumping in a 2D platformer / GMS2


How do one program a jumping ability to the controllable character in a 2D platformer with only DND in GMS2?

As I understand it there are different ways to do this.

What are the different ways?
What are the pros and cons with the different ways of doing this?
How do one do the different ways with DND?


In (GMS1) I've been trying to figure out why my characters never are able to jump with the speed and arc I want them in even though I first copied and pasted code directly from old GM8 games I'd done where it worked perfect, then tried just supplanting with code from tutorials and examples.
Tried something like 20 different ways and nothing's worked the way I want it to.


what is it ur looking for tho.

u can move if nothing is in the way?
by checking for collisions
the actual speed of the movement can be generate with a little bit of code
if not flat movement, gradual speed like in super Mario world, is just increasing with acceleration and decreasing with friction

Theres what sonic does, but I think thats a bit more specialized to do loops, totally not necessary if its not needed.