Free Jukebox - A classic music library/player


Jukebox is a program made for managing your local music files. It recognizes ID3 tags. And it now does use external dlls to improve on music library importing speed and file format support! :D

Version 1.2.0
Notable changes:

  • New waveform display behind track info.
  • Improved enlarged album cover viewer.
Version 1.1.0
Notable changes:

  • Better file format support, now can play any MP3 I tested.
  • Faster music library loading time.
  • Growl playback notifications, so you get a message when a new song is being played! (Tip: try the Visor display in Growl!)

Download link:

EDIT: Wow, I actually contradicted my own sentence, directly after the other. Fixed it! xD It does use a dll, namely the FMOD Sound System by icuurd12b42. Originally it was meant to be stricken through, but apparently the GM forums don't support strike-through text. :)
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