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SOLVED Json & the golden macguffin


I'm stupid & didn't go over all the fine print with a butcher's knife 30+ days ago..

I've been using game maker since 5.3, my favourite was 6.1

I get to this section in the manual on skeleton animation..
"ok, great, GM finally has this now"

That's what I'm led to believe in the manual, it says the skeleton animation system is for use with json files. It says they need some .json extension, a .atlas extension, and a .png
..that's what it says in the manual.
Actually, idk if that section even mentioned the 3 extensions needed.. I think I came across that while trolling the internet for information on why the skeleton animation system in GM only works with something called spine..

..that costs between $60 & $300 depending on which version you opt for

It didn't say any of that in the manual
30+ days ago


..that's about it
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Shafted gal
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