GMS 2.3+ JSON and GameMaker Studio 2


GM Version: 2.3
Target Platform: All
Download: Github Repo (eventually)
Links: YouTube Playlist

A GML tutorial series on what JSON is, how to import, and export JSON files, and building a very simple Choose Your Own Adventure style game for practice. While done entirely in 2.3, almost everything would work in 2.2 so long as you wrote the functions as required for 2.2. A link to the playlist is above and the first video on what JSON is, is below.

  • What is JSON?
  • Importing JSON Files
  • Exporting JSON Files
  • Making a CYOA type Game Using JSON
    • Project Setup
    • Creating the JSON File
    • Using the JSON File

JSON and GameMaker Studio 2:

As always, if I make any mistakes, please let me know here or in the comments below!
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The first of a two part video series on making a Choose Your Own Adventure style game with JSON data. This video is just project set up. It's not very complex, and the primary purpose of these videos is to be a practical example of how to use JSON data.

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Part 2 is out! In this part I go over the structure of the JSON data and how to integrate and use it in GameMaker Studio 2. One word of caution, to understand what is happening in this video, you'll need a basic understanding not only of GameMaker and JSON but of data structures in general (along with a few other things like with statements and for loops). Also, the JSON Data is available as an included file in Github!

Also, I went back and created an introduction. There will be one final video tomorrow on ideas and suggestions for extending these tutorials as well.