Windows Joust (.exe)


One of my all time favorites
Made 7 years ago with GM8. Mostly a rip of the original. A bit smoother and easier. It has all 60 levels, It has one or two players with all the challenges and awards (co-op and 2 play battle levels), you can pick your starting level (disables saving), you can end the game at any time and any place and will have a continue option the at the title screen, It has the lava troll that will grab you and all enemy types, It has the "unbeatable pterodactyl" and it is beatable, few embellishments (bats under the bridge for the first couple of levels, and smoke from the lava, an options page where you can set difficulty, lives, etc, and cheats though you will not get to save your score if you use them. The options page as well as the instructions have menu items at the start page.

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I have others I made too if anyone in interested in:
Asteroids Plus - which is a single file that plays Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, and Asteroids Plus (original take that combines the two and adds enhancements)
Canyon Bomber - that is almost indistinguishable from the Arcade version on default
Buckle Up - which is a clone of Head On
Space Invaders
Subs - Another old Atari arcade game
Super Sprint - keyboard only. Looks like original but does not play as well
Trapshoot - an old wall mounted game made by request by an admin of a pinball website.
Xevious - all levels
Sub Sinker - based on an old windows game called Sink Sub Pro
Lunar Gravitar - Gravitar with a lander section
Ice Cold Beer - a bar game that was well received and put into a cabinet and went to at least one arcade convention/trade show in Finland
and others
Zeaks Peak - different theme and graphics but otherwise same as Ice Cold Beer
Ice Cold Rootbeer - An original using the same engine
Slide 15 - a 15 piece slide puzzle with graphics from antique slide puzzles and other graphics
Slotcar Circuit - an original 1 or two player game

Many of these games have joystick support that no longer works and require a mapping program like joytokey etc. Gravatar has whack gravity these days. In DX9 it had it all, gravity, reverse gravity, and orbital gravity

I also have unfinished versions of DigDug, Galaga, Omega Race, and others that will not be finished buy may be rebuilt in GMS2

The only current version is Arkanoid using GMS2 and it still needs work though it plays through all levels, not all levels have working pathfinding for the meanies, and there is various bugs to work out yet.


I am going to make my own cabinet machine some day. That’s very cool.
great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I have never seen or played ice cold beer before. Very interesting.


I had nothing to do with the hardware side of those builds.

Here is a link to my Ice Cold folder

Ice Cold Beer
Zeaks Peak
Ice Cold Rootbeer

The joysticks don't work anymore for me but I use xpadder in keyboard mode with an X360 controller with the profile in the folder

The first thing you will see is
Rotated y/n
press n unless you have a portrait oriented monitor. This was tricky for people. It is not asking if you want to rotate the game it is asking if your monitor is rotated. This was for the cabinet builders. Also for them was the option to display the bezel or not (the cabs use real ones)

IMPORTANT Being a cabinet build is why there are no instructions or guidance shown and you have to coin up. This and the other games that have no menu use MAME type interface. TAB to get to the options menu up and down to cycle through options and left and right to cycle through settings. 5 to coin up and 1 to start (Select and Start in that profile for xbox360). I also did not want to take up any key for instruction/documentation so you will find that by pressing start (1) inside the operator menu (tab) It also shows first time the game is ran. That should be read.
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