JavaScript exported with HTML5 Game

J. Heyne

Hi all,
Forgive me if this post is in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone has been able to take the exported .js file from an html5 game in game maker and edit things like the main function, etc....
I took the code and ran it though a code beautifier, but really could make a lot of sense of it. :bash:
Most of the functions labeled like this function _hf() {
I'm really just trying to identify the main function of my game for tinkering around with it in the javascript.
Thanks in advance for any insight into this. ;)

(i can upload the code if necessary)


sounds like a fun passtime.

Should be able to find where methods are defined and work it from there, ussualy in the main method and if you understand basic rules, you can follow it pretty thuroughly throughout. I'm no java script expert though.

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Run the game in debug mode, then find the temporary directory which the game is stored in. This version of the game will be unobfuscated.