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Question - IDE Japanese text display gets weird in IDE

Hi all, I'm not the developer itself, but the publisher.
One of my client is using GMS2 in Japanese, and he is experiencing weird display issue.

It seems it depends on the font types, but it looks like this.

It says "カウンターアタック", but IDE displays them in random font size.

Also, I have a question maybe related to above;

This was already discussed back in 2016 in the below thread;

The thing is, the font with anti-alias disabled ones gets distorted in both IDE and the game.
Here, YYG stuff answered that this is due to Freetype font issue, and it has less priority to solve.
This happened on 2016, and it's still happening as of today.
I wonder if Yoyogames is going to solve this anti alias-disabled fonts being displayed with artifacts.


The in-game pixel font distortion discussed in the old thread looks like the pixel perfection pursuit we pixellated game devs are all in. We probably can only suggest YYG to add something like a function to set font scaling algorithm, or round up the displayed texts' positions to integer values and scale them carefully on our own to to mitigate such distortions.