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Hi! My name is James and I am the founder of the SoloStudio Tech website and the DarkSpine tool for video game editing. I offer to collaborate as a programmer in your project. If you are an illustrator and you already have the concepts to make a video game, but you need a collaborator to bring your idea to life, you can contact me at info@solostudio.tech.

The idea is to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the DarkSpine engine and create a quality official game.

It is about forming a team between illustrator and programmer, that's why I would like the illustrator who wants to create his video game to be a serious person, with a lot of passion for what he does and not abandon the project. If you are going to invest time, we should try to make it a good time invested, so I will give preference to people who already have a design document or prototype of their work, where they are clear about the goals they want to achieve.

What I offer:

* Experience in Gml programming for 6 years.
* Experience in designing custom mechanics for your video game.
* Experience in managing data to create systems customized for your video game.
* Experience with the Box2D physics library.
* Experience in optimizing resources for maximum cross-platform compatibility.
* Experience in the Gpu section (shaders, buffers, surfaces, optimization).
* Use of the DarkSpine tool for editing and programming objects.
* Seriousness in my position with the project.


Do you have any specific problem when programming your video game?
I offer my services to help you with your code, do not hesitate to contact me through the email info@solostudio.tech

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