James Altucher

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Has anyone actually made money from this guy?

I bought his bitcoin report last year, it cost me 50 dollars. He claimed that Ethereum would soar after March the 1st, unfortunately it tanked.

He keeps sending me emails with outragous claims, like this:
I turned a small $2,000 investment into almost $10 million using my proprietary C.L.U.E.S strategy.
So basically, if I invest 200 dollars, I will become a millionairre?

If you stake your claim in this “Shots Fired” company now, you stand to see an 81,872% spike starting as early as September 17.

That means you can ride this wave of wealth and potentially turn… every $50 invested into $40,936!
As bs as this sounds, he sends such an uncontrollable, unbelievably steady stream of bs that inevitably, the law of averages would say that some of it has to be true.

I actually get his newsletters in the mail (real life) and reading through his newsletters, some of his business advice is actually not that insane. He even offered me good advice once on how to start a book company.

And the sheer possibility of turning 200$ into a million I can't pass up, it's just I have to pay 2000$ to get a year's worth of advice, first of all I don't have 2000$, and even if I did, I am not sure whether or not to believe this guy anymore, he already let me down with Ethereum earlier this year.


Can't tell if you are being serious or not, but cryptocurrencies are high risk and volatile. Nobody can predict their future value. Never invest in any cryptocurrency or token unless you fully understand what it seeks to achieve and how the technology works.

Selling crappy eBooks and reports is the oldest trick in the book for the online snakeoil salesman. You can read about it in my new release "100 Reasons Misty Should Give Me That $200" now available as a PDF.

Enough kidding around. Can I interest you in some Jabbercoins?


Yes. What are they exactly and what do they do?

And James doesn't just cover crypto, he covers everything. And in mainstream media the mainstream news treats him like a legitimate and trustworthy source. Even Google promotes him.

James's latest thing, is if I buy his latest report he will tell me the stock that will cure every disease on the planet. Not even making this stuff up. He is so over the top, the grandiosity is so limitless, has no ceiling, that I consider what he does an actual, legitimate artform.


〜Flower Prince〜
Kindly refer to BitConnect:

Everyone trusted it, invested their entire life savings in it, and got scammed hard.

What's not a scam is BitCoin, that's real, and the most popular.
But you know what happened? It crashed, and lots of people still lost their money.

My advice on investing in shares: DON'T
except if you have years of experience in the field, if you don't mind risking losing your money, if you are willing to accept constant pressure, stress and anxiety over it, and if you big fart

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