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Ludo Design

Status: Available, do send requests.

I am a game developer with skills in many fields, available to beginning working for hire on a per-project or per-commission basis.

  • The easiest way to reach me is through a private message. An e-mail will automatically be sent to me to inform me that you have contacted me. Please keep it professional.
  • Replies will also give me a notification, but please keep it professional.
  • I do not have published rates. Each project is unique and each person has a budget. If I have received enough requests to work on, I will let you know.
  • Please note that the examples provided in this topic are, for now, my exclusive copyright, and are only here for demonstration purposes.

Here is a breakdown of my skillset:

  • User interfaces
  • Movement & Collisions
  • Artificial Intelligence (movement, collisions, decision making & strategy)
  • Weapons, combat, inventory systems, etc.
  • Story-related research
  • Worldbuilding & Narrative text
  • Characterization & Character Dynamics
  • Plot Critique & Development
  • Editing & Proofreading
Sound Design
  • UI sound effects
  • Action sounds (punches, jumping, wooshes, etc)
  • Alien creature sound effects, etc.
Music Production
  • Electronica and synthscapes
  • Horror and ambiance
  • Synthetic orchestra (soundfont technology)
  • Can produce additional genres, please consult.
  • Experienced mixing & mastering
Art & Concept

  • Pixel art & animation (specialty)
  • Character/weapon/location design
  • UI graphical assets
Design & Quality Assurance
  • Mechanic balancing advisement
  • Playtesting (collisions, glitches, file corruptions)
  • Design document drafting
  • Production pipeline advisement
  • Basic market research
  • Website design & website graphics
  • Search engine optimization (keyword research, on-page SEO, etc)
  • Basic video editing

Things I cannot assist with:
  • Any 3D development
  • Any shader code development
  • Mobile exports (but I can develop the game logic for mobile games)
I am currently working in Game Maker: Studio 1, but I plan to upgrade to 2, in the near future.
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