...it's that time again! - Latest Humble Assets Bundle available guys!


This time it's something I probably have no use for at all, but could be useful for other GMS'ers... :D

It's primarily based around RPG / top-down assets, characters, animations, etc, etc...

Looks a mixed bag, but at (currently) just over £17 for the comprehensive, and £24.50 for the top tier with everything (57 different sets of stuff, including SFX, soundtracks and more professional tilesets (2D and ISO-3D), characters, dialog systems, etc, I'm STILL sorely tempted myself, despite having NOTHING that I can use 90% of this for, in the immediate pipeline!):-

HB RPG etc assets bundle!

All the best guys!


🍋 *lemon noises*
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Ah yes, nothing says "quality" like mixing together stock assets in four different art styles :p At least the assets seem to be released under a license that doesn't limit them to only RPGM usage (which happened in a previous humble bundle) which happened to be once, at which point I lost about half my faith in HB... and the other half went back when they got purchased by... gamespot? I don't remember, I don't care that much about internet politics these days :p

At least it's partially going to a good cause, though~ (I think... didn't check to see if it actually has a charity label)