Windows It's Here As I Promised!! Maze Attack Update (Work In Progress)



Not to long ago I released an open beta of this game and received a lot of valuable feedback. Which has help this game improve dramatically.
I am working on another open beta of my game (which will also include many of the changes) for now I did create a story/New Gameplay trailer that will show some of the new gameplay, features, and give you insight of the dept of story Maze Attack will offer.

If you are able to give first impressions feedback from the story/gameplay trailer video below, do such, for your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I will post the trailer before feedback and then post the trailer after feedback was received.

What I am asking:
1. watch both videos and let me know if you like how the game is progressing.
2. if you have any ideas on what can make the game even better and/or suggestions on gameplay, features, mechanics, animations, etc... then post it below :)
3. BE 100% HONEST on your feedback. For feedback (criticism) creates the opportunity to make something better. So Remember

Leaving Feedback Is Much Appreciated!

And as mentioned, I am working on an open beta for the new look of Maze Attack as well.

Before Feedback: ( 1min 39Sec )

After Feedback (The New Look) [ 2mins 29sec ]
Story / Gameplay Trailer