It's Friday, nearing the end of Q1. :)

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Will today be the day?

Anybody else keeping themselves ready to test the open beta if it's released?

Feel free to lock this thread if it isn't allowed. :)


Oh yes I will play with whole weekend if it comes today.
But if they are still targeting Q1, they still have time for 31th Tuesday. And with Corona and all, it might go bit over, so maybe next Friday :p

But I really hope today is the day :]


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They're all working from home, but still targeting Q1.
I'm not gonna be mad if it's a few days into Q2, but I can hear the screaming now.


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Unfortunately, we’re running late on 2.3 and Sequences. We can’t really blame covid-19 either. It’s just a huge feature that has taken a bit longer than expected to get into shape for open beta release.
It’s not far off though and we’re about to release what we hope will be the open beta candidate into closed beta. Please bear with us, sorry for the slippage.
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