Distribution Itch.io?


Has anyone here had any luck with selling games on itch.io? I have a game I put up there roughly 5 months ago. It only has 12 views, like it hasn't even gotten seen. Then a few of them are from me checking the store page after update. Oh and check this out...the same game has nearly 50k downloads on Google Play. After I published the game on itch.io I never seen it show up anywhere unless I done a direct search for it. Seems like I may have to run some paid ad campaigns.
It's like anything, you need to drive traffic to sell your games, it won't magically happen. Itch has 130,000 games on it.

So when you search for your game it never showed up in the direct search? Did you make it public?

I think I've got more than 12 views on my private / hidden games that I just hand out the links to friends.