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Question - IDE It is possible to rebind buttons in graphical editor?

You left handers are getting really uppity lately. First we stop burning you at the stake for your evil ways, then we make stupid special scissors for your gross backwards hands, and now you're asking for rebindable keyboard shortcuts? When does it stop?!
I don't know, sorry.


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Please forgive @RichHopelessComposer's attitude (he obviously hasn't had his morning happy pill yet), and know that we are an inclusive forum, and will not judge you for your left handed ways....:D

As for keyboard rebinding, that isn't possible right now, but it is a feature that will be coming to a future update as it's a very common request.


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If you're using a tablet I would recommend binding one of your tablet or pen buttons to Undo/Redo instead of using the keyboard - it's one of the nicer tablet features.