Forum Game It is hangman...


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Fat_Man3468800 is so bad at playing hangman... he ended the game with another wrong guess...

The answer was ...

Meanwhile, Mercerenies is eating a rupee, Roy started a new game ... although he is not host of this topic so it cant go on, amusudan died, and Tthecreator came late to the show...
Dont know whzat happen to Lukasmah but eh...

Good night!

PS: you could have pressed that last button this whole time... but you guys just ignored it entirely. Too bad...
Considering the Misu deity no longer appears to be around, I start my crossword puzzle on the island of bean. I will not be paying any taxes, all souls collected will go directly to me.

I put a big sign up in the center of the island that reads: "Come here for amazing crossword puzzles! Definitely not a trap to steal your- uh... nothing."
As you and you rubber ducky get close to the crossword puzzle, a giant blue piranha plant bursts out from the sea floor and swallows you, and the duck, whole.

Nothing happens for a while.
I don't know. The piranha plant is still digesting you two.

Usually there aren't any survivors. But this is the first rubber ducky.


Your Creator!
Well luckily I've climbed in the beak of my ducky. The rubber on the outside won't last that long anymore and I need to come up with something.
Suddenly I remember having some rupees left from my mine. I throw one in on my last strand of luck....
The rupee scratches the inside of the giant blue piranha plant. It gives a little cough (but because it's so big, it's really a massive cough). Tthecreator flies up into the air, sailing off into who knows where. He probably won't survive the fall. Unfortunately, that means I can't gather his soul, because he won't die inside my soul eating plant.

On the plus side, his rubber ducky was consumed by the plant. I gain 1 soul. It's a rubber soul, but hey, that's something!


Your Creator!
Whilst mid air, I'm being picked up by an Steller's sea eagle. It brings me to it's nest where it's children are waiting.
Unfortunately I'm slightly too big for their small beaks so I get thrown out...
My piranha plant regurgitates the rubber soul onto the sand and then sinks back into the ocean. I gather the soul and put it in the freezer so it will stay fresh. I repaint my sign to say: "Selling A Rubber Soul! The Price is a Steal"


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You all been wasting your time... oh no LOOOK!

New hangmen! Quick! Guess a letter!...
I wake up from my confusing dream where the Misu disappeared. I wonder whether Tthecreator actually has a gigantic rubber ducky...

At any rate, I decide to start my crossword puzzle on the island of bean and hope Misu doesn't notice. Apparently, there are laws preventing it, but...


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Fat_Man3468800 is so bad at playing hangman...
Yep... I suppose that makes me a hangman-killer. Oh well...

For the this kill, I pick @roytheshort to be the victim. But he has 4 letters, which means he has more health than the previous victim. Better get started.
I choose the letter 'O'.

I know I'm bad at hangman - um I mean hangmen. But hey - I gotta try somehow. Based on luck?


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You all failed to make guesses... you suppose to indicate which person will receive the letter. The only person who did it right was Fat_Man3468800 who assumes stuff in game when that is his major problem in playing that led him to losing. He cant assume that more letters means more life... on the contrary... more letters means less life. You are terrible at this. But on the brightside... you guessed the letter...

Cloaked Games was super impatient for his up coming crossword station on his Bean Island but now it just opened!

As for Roy, he didnt indicated which side of the map does he jump into the letter slot so he end up on Lukasmah's letter slot instead and became a letter guessed.
Since he no longer is present in the hang stand, Mercerenies ends up filling his position.

As Bingdom approaches to guess the crossword, I shout: "Hold on, I'm not done with the sign. Before you guess, you must understand that I charge one soul for guessing, per word."