SOLVED Issues with mod function in for loop

Papa Doge

I'm definitely scratching my head with this one and not sure why it's failing:

for (var l=1; l<((bc*br)+1); l++;) {
    biome_grid_positions_list[| l] = [bx, by];
    if (l mod bc == 0.00) {
        bx = x;
        by += cell_size;
        show_debug_message("Wrapping here at column " + string(bc) + " and grid position " + string(l));
    } else {
        bx += cell_size;
    show_debug_message("Grid position at " + string(l) + " and l mod bc is " + string(l mod bc));
When I check the debug messages this works as intended until it needs to wrap to row 6 at grid position 138. It shows that 138 / 6 = 0.00 which should be resetting my x position and moving down but it's not and I'm not sure what's breaking here.


Shouldn't you be resetting by when you increase bx?

This seems like the kind of loop that's better written as a pair of nested for loops on bx and by rather than a single one. Go from bx = 1 to bc and by = 1 to br, and increment l each time through.

Papa Doge

I had a god chuckle at that post. Thanks for the slap on the knuckles. Your solution works like a charm and is much more efficient than what I was trying to do. Thanks for the assist.