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Question - IDE Issues with depth (shader)



hey there!
for a shader i'm using 2 objects, one is set to the start (16000) and the other end depth (-16000)
however, it always seems to stop at -500 if I go any lower than that, it just stops at -500 again.
my game is isometric and so the objects have a depth of -y, meaning I would only be able to make maps that are 500 pixels high...
(upper character is above -500, other one below)

create event shader start object:
depth = 16000
lut_texture = sprite_get_texture(s_lut, 0);
lut_sampler = shader_get_sampler_index(sh_lut, "s_Lut")

draw event:
texture_set_stage(lut_sampler, lut_texture)

shader end object:
depth = -16000

I checked the debugger and the depth on both objects show the right number
I also tried to put them on different layers and set the layer depth, but that had the same result....
gms2 seems to have some issues with the depth it seems, I had some other bug regarding that issue where sprites would just disappear at certain depths

anyway, does someone know a workaround maybe? or can tell me if i'm just being stupid and its actually my code's fault? :D