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Windows Issues Saving Project or Committing ("One or more files are locked")


I'm using Windows 10, GMS2, IDE v2.1.1.241 Runtime v2.1.1.158. I was editing a sprite, and after finishing my changes I pressed ctr+s to save. GMS2 crashed, and upon reopening, the sprite seemed to be corrupted, half of my changes were present but the other half were not, and not even chronologically, it appeared to have kept a random portion of my changes. From then on, if I make changes and attempt to save, I will get the following error:

"Unable to save the following files (please see the output panel for more details)."

In the output panel, I get the following message, repeated a bunch:

"SourceControlAction:SaveModel: Source Control Add Failed"

Additionally, if I attempt to restore to a previous source control version, I get the following error:

"One or more files are locked. Please check that none of the files are open in external programs. Do you want to try again?"

I don't have any other IDE open, nor any other program modifying any sort of file related to the project so I'm not sure what it's referring to. I even attempted to close every window and editor in the IDE but still get this error. Once I press No that I don't want to try again, I get this message:

"Be aware that this may have broken your project, as teh command was not successful and you have chosen not to retry it."

Which is pretty disheartening. Anyone have any idea what's going on here? Any help would be appreciated.

I've tried restarting my computer, closing GMS2 without saving and reopening, neither make a difference.
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Snake Nox

I havent lost any work, but I have gotten the message "unable to save the following files (please see the output panel for more details)" when copying and pasting. This is pretty new for me, and I fear it may get worse. I would love some aid in this as well.
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Just got GMS2 to evaluate it for possible development of a project. I'm encountering the same error as OP. Prior to this, I wasn't even able to save a project, this was rectified with an uninstall/reinstall action. Now I encounter errors every time I make a change to something. Quite a bit concerned to commit to your platform for development.