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Steam Issue with sdk path that gamemaker 2 uses.


Not sure why this has not come up before. All documentation that I've seen shows the steam sdk location as something similar to this: C:\Users\Denny\Documents\steamsdk\steamworks_sdk_142. However if you attempt to build an executable for steam with this path (assuming you are using sdk 1.42), the sdk will not be found. When creating the executable I was getting this error: Failed to copy Steam DLL - 'C:\Users\Denny\Documents\steamsdk\steamworks_sdk_142\redistributable_bin\steam_api.dll' - SDK not installed properly? Check 'Preferences-Platform Settings-Steam-Path To Steam SDK'

But the actually location of the steam_api.dll file it is located here: C:\Users\Denny\Documents\steamsdk\steamworks_sdk_142\sdk\redistributable_bin\steam_api.dll. You will notice that the sdk install puts in the extra sdk folder between the steamworks_sdk_142 folder and the redistributable_bin folder (steamworks_sdk_142\sdk\redistributable_bin) but GMS2 is looking in (steamworks_sdk_142\redistributable_bin). Thats why the file could not be found. So you need to include the sdk folder when setting the steam sdk location. So it will look something like this: C:\Users\Denny\Documents\steamsdk\steamworks_sdk_142\sdk and not this: C:\Users\Denny\Documents\steamsdk\steamworks_sdk_142. Without the sdk folder the sdk will not be found. And all the documentation that I've seen has never included the sdk folder in the path.
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