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Windows Issue With Drawing Sprites

Hi there! I'm having an issue in my game with drawing sprites, where the sprites appear to be getting anti-aliased, or interpolated, or scaled, when they are not.

Here's a screenshot with some of my ui elements:

spr 4.png

On the left is a sprite with a solid white 1 pixel thick outline, the outline is part of the sprite. You can see the white line along the bottom of the sprite is being drawn semi-transparent, and on the top border there is a second, semi-transparent white line above the actual white border, that should not be there.

In the middle is a gun icon sprite with a 1 pixel solid white border, but when drawn the right and bottom borders are semi-transparent, with the bottom-right corner very transparent.

Both those sprites are being drawn with 0 rotation, and 1 alpha in a draw end event.

On the right is a ship sprite with a white outline on the top and left side of the ship that is part of the sprite. It looks fine except for where the white line leaves the ship and travels left, it has a reduced transparency there for some inexplicable reason, that reduced transparency line section is part of the ship sprite. It then meets up with a white line drawn through code. The area under the ship and line is a black rectangle. The rectangle, white line, and ship sprite are drawn at 0.7 alpha in the draw gui end event.

Interpolation is OFF. Anti-aliasing is off. The application surface, view size, window size, and gui are all 1920 x 1080, so there shouldn't be scaling problems.

I just can't seem to figure out why parts of the sprites are being drawn semi-transparent, or why the left sprite has that extra line on top of it. Any help is appreciated.