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Steam Issue with 16:10 resolutions for some players of my game?


Hi all! - Hoping you can possibly help, as this is driving me crazy....

My game TetraLogical runs beautifully in 16:9 ratio resolutions, with no artefacts, but I'm getting a couple of instances where players are playing on say, 1680x1050 (16:10) ratio monitors.

In this resolution, the unused space above and below my game is still showing, and behaves as a none-refreshed area of the viewport, ie.


I've tried various methods - clear viewport, adding black bands below and above the viewport, but it still happens - is it a quirk of how GMS2 deals with resolutions that aren't the same ratio as the room? - Maybe I need to add some kind of stretching option for the app / screen, and I'm missing something daft!

Any help or tips would be most appreciated, cheers!

Den / Japster