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Windows Issue loading file after separating Windows out.


Im feeling really stupid right now....I have a ton of work on a project I did today and I can't open the file because I did the stupid...

for whatever reason when you separate windows and close your project. it will cause the file to become un-openable. it attempts opens all the separated windows you have out and crashes...

Does anyone have a workaround? I'm really kicking myself right now because I just committed to master without realizing I had windows open...so my 700-hour project is toast...

If anyone has a solution to get this file opened again please let me know...


Forum Staff
You mentioned "committed to master" and "700-hour project is toast" in the same paragraph. There's no way the latter can be the case, given that you're using source control.

Grab a previous commit and check if that works. If so, check if the newest commit loads with an old project file. You may be able to continue from there with minimal re-import effort required - or, alternatively, integrate the parts of the old file that resolve the issue with the new file.