Isometric Tile Scaling


This is the first time I've submitted a post in a very long time. Always try going though YoYo Games documents before making a post to assure it isn't something I can figure out.

Recently I began making an old style isometric game. I've create a couple of tile sets to do this. Within the game, I have two views in play. One view is of the game up-scaling, and the second view is of player's status bar (this is to better position the player in the center of the main view and to make sharper text in the status view).

An issue I am finding is that the tiles are adding a transparent outline. From what I've been reading, it sound like the processor of the end client machine is rendering pixels for fractions that are caused by the up-scale. In return, the additional lines are made. Everything I've been seeing suggests adding a buffer space around the image. This way the system knows what pixel colourization to use. However, from what I can see this will only work with squared edges. Since I made each of the tiles in a isometric perspective, there aren't too many straight lines.

My intentions are really to have a seamless isometric view without any hard lines if possible.

Please let me know if I have any chance. Worst comes to worst, I'll add a black outline on the tiles.

Thank you,


Arent the hard lines just the tiles border? You can just edit the tileset and fill in the border to make it appear seem less


What if you expanded your tiles to the right by 1 edge and instead of using an empty room background fill the room with isometric tiles too to cover up the fact that your tiles went over 1 pixel, if need be.
I had thought about adding the isometric as a background. My only concern would be tiles such as the walls and buildings. I had intended to keep them as tiles as well to avoid additional objects.

Here are a couple of other images to show what tiles look like outside of the active game. The second image is of the room not in an active game (not to be confused with the final result)