Windows Isometric engine featuring : Depth Sorting - Z-heights - Ramps - Bitwise Grid/Collisions


Isometric Engine

Cool features so far :
- Any number of floors / fevels
- Ramps / Z-height
- Pre-calculated depth sorting that handle any block dimensions. (Used a method described here : Isometric depth sorting) I did try a bunch of methods. I will talk about them in details when I next update this post.
- Bitwise 3D Grid handling all the tiles and the collisions. Lightning fast.


About me and the engine
First and foremost, hi everyone! It's really good to be here. It has been almost 10 years since I last played with Game Maker. Now that COVID-19 forces us to stay home I got to play with one of my old passions : developing games and engines. I see that GMS2 has become much faster and efficient. I am now a teacher in elementary school and planning on developing an app to help kids learn through games. I always thought isometric perspective look great. Now that I am back, I decided to go on and do my best to create a isometric engine that is efficient and easy to use.

Also, this engine is heavily inspired by an old game me and my friend made : Have a look here. It is a pretty awesome game. Addicting and everything. We are also planning on maybe making a sequel using this engine. Anyways, without further ado, here's an .exe for you to play around with.

Download link HERE. Have fun! :)

Controls and options
WASD - Move around
Arrows - Move the view
1 to 7 - Switch block
Left click - Place block
Right click - Destroy block
Mouse Wheel - Floor Up/Down
G - Grid On/Off
U - Hide/Show GUI

As you can see it is pretty early. You will notice that the shadows are far from perfect. I did them quickly to help with the height. I will definitely complete this post and talk more about the techniques that I have used for depth sorting. I will be glad to share my knowledge. I am also looking to improve my algorithms.

What we can expect (in order of priority) :
- Better shadows :)
- Pathfinding (NPCs or enemies moving around)
- Bullets
- World rotation (4 directions)
- Save/load levels
- Custom blocks (from a tilesheet)

Please feel free to comment, criticize or share any bugs that you find. That will help a lot.