Isometric ARPG - progress so far


So I've been working on the core parts of an isometric game and its going good so far.
Since I'm still on the very early parts, I'm wondering if there are any special things to consider early on that might help me later.

Currently I have it performing very well even with many enemies at once.
So far I have:
- Isometric tiles only draw what is on-screen and objects far enough away are deactivated/activated efficiently.
- Particle system depth. Multiple systems move depth as needed.
- Joystick or mouse movement.

- Pathfinding AI is working very well now. The mp_grid functions are rarely used, most of it is done with vectors and checking nearest enemies. mp_grid_path stuff is used when many turns are needed to navigate and then reverts back to the direct vector when the x or y of the current and last path point match... meaning its cleared a corner or found a straight path. As you can see in the video, the enemies know what their neighbors do, so they can stop and surround the player. The speed that they try to fully surround has delays added of course, as that would be crappy gameplay.

Anyway. I've figured out most of the quirks of using an isometric projection. Like the 45 degree angle offset and how to get 2D sprite arrays to cycle well to fake the 3D

So are there any other major things that I might need to learn at this point when it comes to isometric?

Bonus learning for me was 3D modeling. I knew almost nothing about it a month ago. Now I feel rather comfortable with it, the sprite in the video I made as a 3D model in Blender. Then I recorded her at 32 angles with a script I made. That created 32 different sprite sheets that I put in an array inside GMS2. Working out good so far.


I too am curious on isometrics. There is little information out there specifically focusing on GameMaker Studio 2, from my search so far.