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Question - IDE Is this a debugger bug?!


Hi all,
i think there is a bug in the GMS2 debugger.. what do you think? do you have the same issue?
i will report the bug if it's not somenthing that is happening to me only.

i Think the variables in the "Watches" windows are broken. Have a look at the values:


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Please file a bug with replication instructions and perferably an Example project to test with (use a YYZ, File -> Export a Project)

File a bug using Help -> Report a bug in the IDE



Sure, i will fill up a bug report with all the informations. Actually i have this type of issue in the debugger with any project even the simplest one (if i create an empty project than i create an event with just one line of code like: var x = 1;
than in the watches view the debugger is going to show me some random value for x...).
It's actually impossible that no one has found this bug before. That's why i was asking here before open a bug report.
Anyway thank you for your reply Russell. :)