Is there anyway to get my old account back?


I'm a GM enthusiast from childhood since Game Maker 6 I believe, with Mark Overmars.
This e-mail just recently came to my attention:

Unfortunately, this email informing the removal of old accounts came to my attention too late.
My old account was TA-GAMES, I had very memorable posts and creations.
If there is absolutely any way that I could possibly have any part of my account back, I would be heavily appreciative.

Much love,

Thank you.


Forum Staff
You can try reaching out to our admin @Nocturne. If this is related to GDPR, there may be no way to re-link the posts, but it's worth a try.


Since you're mentioning the old times of GM6. The old forum, archive included, doesn't exist anymore so the only posts that got anonymized are those you wrote after 2016. Maybe this makes it less worse.
search thee archive organization website using the date. i cant post links yet because my account is new. you are welcome