Is there any way to play external .mp3 audio in android?

I will try to be the most specific that i can be...

Im trying to make a "Piano Tiles" like game, where the players will be able to download songs from Newgrounds, and make they own levels. As rare it can sound, i managed to create a working example on windows, you can actually search for any song in newgrounds audio, get the digits on the end of the URL of any song, paste it in to the game to download the song and use it in the editor, and yes, the songs are .mp3.

The way i made it possible was using FMOD for GMS, an awesome .DLL which make game maker able to read lots of audio files that aren't natively suported by game maker. Because legacy Game Maker only can read .ogg external audio files using the audio_create_stream function.

Unfortunately that awesome FMOD extension work only on windows and linux, (even when android is a linux distribution it don't work, i tested it), so i wonder if anybody know a way or another .dll which make me able to do something similar in android.