Is there a way to switch between Displays?



I'm trying to make my in-game menu as comprehensive as possible and I'd like an option to pick which display to display the game on when going full-screen with multiple monitors. Is there a way to set this with GML? So I could have a slider for example and swap it over from my left display to my right display and vice versa.



Your Creator!
I don't think there is a way,
Maybe a dll?
When not using full screen, using "window_set_position" to set the window position to a position outside the main monitor might do the trick,
but there is still no way of detecting which monitors you have and that won't work in full screen.

A dll or extension might be your only option. Try using


Ah okay. I'm not too concerned about when not using full-screen because the user can drag the screen to wherever they want within seconds. I guess my game can do without it, it's more a quality of life option than an auto include.

It'd be nice to see a way of detecting/setting displays in a future version of GM Studio.

Thanks for your help!