GMS 2 Is there a way to get Dektop sound i.e. video sound?


Hello :3
It might be a very dumb question but I was wondering if there is a way to somehow get your desktop sound like from a youtube music video into GameMaker?
I had the idea to create something like the NCS sound-bubble thingies that you see bopping along the music (something like this:
If that's even possible at all. I don't really know. I haven't been doing too much with GMS 2.3 sound functions as of now.

Basically, I am looking for sound functions that take desktop sound i.e. video sound and make some sort of array values out of it.

I really suck at explaining things and can't really go much more into detail than that but I hope it's clear enough.

Thanks in advance :)


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You're going to need to learn about buffers. Buffers don't know what kind of data they have, so theoretically you can read a sound file into a buffer and using that data determine how you want to make something react to either volume, or frequency. I've never done it though. If you sort it out, do share!


oh so there actually is a way to do it. Awesome!
I will look into buffers and audio buffers right away.
Thanks guys really appreciate the help!