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SOLVED Is there a convenient way to cut a sprite sheet?


I tried the "import strip image" function and the tool I was presented with there was extremely inconvenient to use because if even one sprite is not in the right location by a single pixel it doesn't work.
Is there any other way where I can separate the image from within GameMaker and/or am I using the "import strip image" function wrong?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information.


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The tool is correct and you should prepare your sprites adequately to use it. A sprite strip should have all images occupying the same space, even if that means padding some images with empty pixels to make them the correct width/height and position.


try moving stuff around in the sprite sheet and using a visible grid in the sprite editor - then once you have all the sprites in the right location you can try importing as a "strip image", so effectively, you're "cutting" them to the right shape/size

so, just for clarity: import as a single image, then activate game maker's grid and put to a rough size of each image as the grid size - then once you have that, put each sprite in every grid box, and once you complete that, save the image, then import as strip .


If I am setting strips up manually, in paint.net I just put a layer under the one I am doing for the sprites and use the grid widget to draw the grid to line them up. Also I usually put each frame on a separate layer to make it a little easier to move them around. When you got it right just hide the grid and do a save as PNG.