Question - General Is the marketplace a good business


Im just curious as to how effective the GM marketplace is as a business for individuals or companies.

We know that people are willing to pay several hundred dollars for Studio and export modules but what about extension or assets. How much are people willing to pay for items in the Marketplace?

If you sell extension or extensions how many have you sold and how much have you made (if you dont mind me asking)


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If you are planning to make a business out of the MP then I'd say forget it... Don't get me wrong, the marketplace does in deed generate revenue and I myself make a nice amount from it for my assets, but it's not enough to be called a business and is more like a passive income that can be used as pocket money. I'm not giving out exact figures but so far I've earned a few thousand pounds from the MP, and I know for a fact that other developers have made more (and are making more) but I really doubt that even those devs consider it a viable way to make a living and dedicate their time to other avenues for income.

Also note that to get to a stage where you are making any meaningful amounts, you will need to make assets that people really want. That's the really hard part, as its difficult to know what people will be willing to pay money for, especially when a lot of things that could do well are also available for free. The best idea (imho) is to treat the MP like a mobile gaming market, where you have a lot of competition and are required to pump out lots of low cost, high quality content and get a decent passive income over a long time period.


I don't think game development can be a future job, isn't it ?
Although you did some great effort, you're probably better off selling games than helping others make them (Just in terms of money). That isn't easy either, but like most entertainment related business.. it's not secure. I don't mean to discourage you xD And your first asset looks great too.

There is this guy who uses GameMaker and shares his income through a blog. Check it out :)


Inspiration is the thing that I lost, I can make awesome game, AWESOME 3D GAMES! but no ideas, I can make anything I want in GM, I can remake this game:
But look at me now, I spent 5 years making games for nothing, I am afraid checking my credit card balance...But maybe a new robots game can make a big difference! :D Plan took it shape, Gonna make a robots game ;)
Go for it ;)

Nocturne actually did a huge series about his game Skein. From start to Steam. It might be inspirational and it gives a sense of time needed to create an actual game.


Nocturne is on point, on top of that I'll that you won't make any meaningful amount with just a couple of assets, having multiple sources of income is essential.

My only wish, but that has nothing to do with your question, is that the marketplace home would get updated from time to time. It's almost a year it features the same stuff


i had concerns about peopl copying extensions and selling their own versions. but I think its easy to tell if something has been ripped off or its your code.

Big software companies have lots of pirated versions of their products circling on the internet but they still stay in business and make profit from those who value their service and pay. Windows for example, how many pirated copies are out there.... But still end users should know that even sometimes they download pirated stuff and it has virus or adware that will cause some kind of loss anyway.