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Is Steam's license permanent?


Kazan Games
Hello, I would like to know if the license for Game Maker Studio 2 purchased from Steam is permanent?
Can I receive new updates with this license?
It's worth buying a "bundle" of Desktop+Mobile+HTML5?

Thank you :)


Forum Staff
Posting serious questions in Off Topic is a great way to make sure they won't get noticed. :p
Since this is a licensing question, I'll move this to Tech Support.

Anything with Creator in the title is time-limited.
Anything that's a console export is time-limited.
Anything that's named Ultimate is time-limited.

Everything else is permanent.

Buying an export combination of Desktop, Mobile and HTML5 will grant you permanent access to the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and HTML5 exports throughout the life time of GameMaker Studio 2.x, including any 2.x updates.