Is it possible to make a game via game maker where the player can change between 2 perspectives?


Le frog eatere

I am totally inexperienced with making games but i would really like to develop an own game. My main idea is a game where the player can actively change between the top down perspective and the sidescroller perspective depending on certaint situations. Can game maker do this or should i rather learn c++? Also, is this to complicated to develop for a newbie like me? Thank you in advance


Could game maker do it? Absolutely.

Would it be difficult? Probably but not too hard I don't think, depending on your coding skill.

You'd probably have to have your levels defined in data structures and you'd need multiple art assets for pretty much everything, but I reckon it would work.

Would you want the player to be able to change to side scrolling in both axis? Because that would make things a little more complex.

As gms doesn't support 3D arrays natively, you'd probably have to use a 2d array for the floor plan with each entry being an index of a 1d array for the vertical tile data or something like that.
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What i see in gamemaker [if its 2D] it can programing everything but you must be good. Well i learning in GML 2-3 months and still im beginner. Maybe little better than beginner but not much. Still cant know all and with many things have problem. Thanks for read and i thing this isnt much helpfull for you :D :D .
Hi LeFrogEatere, from your experience, and from what little you have described of your game idea, it's possible in Gamemaker, and would be a great place to start your learning!
Many, if not most of the principles of coding in any language are applicable across languages, so what you learn with Gamemaker will never be wasted.


You could absolutely do this in Game Maker, it would be pretty weird to code though since Game Maker's room editor is strictly 2D, and you'd need to figure out direction what you want to treat as up (between y and z).


It sounds as if everyone else is imagining like a dynamic camera switching between side scrolling and top-down perspectives, but when I read the post I immediately thought of ActRaiser. Which did you have in mind?