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Question - IDE Is it possible to emulate the middle click functionality?

Hey folks,

The mouse I currently use (Logitech MX Anywhere 2) does not have the ability to perform a middle click as input. I am wondering if it is at all possible to emulate the documentation functionality that would otherwise be present when selecting methods in the text editor.

Thank you.


Firehammer Games
Is it possible you have somehow got the setup wrong, where the middle click is simply not assigned to do the middle click. Most higher end(and gaming mice) let you directly decide what each button does. Its more useful for the ones that have extra buttons, as you assign them to change DPI, emulate key-presses, and similar. But often enough they let you customize the regular buttons too, so I'm guessing that may be your issue.
It turns out that the button behind the scroll wheel which is normally reserved for bringing up the workspace overview can be customised to emulate a middle click, so that'll do. I don't usually work on Windows and thus wasn't aware of the customisation options.