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Question - IDE is it possible to disable folder view in default resource tree layout?

is it possible to disable the folder view in the default resource tree layout to be more like custom views?

so have this

look more like this?


if not does anybody know if there is plans on allowing this as a option in preferences?
it would help workflow alot and I wouldn't have to be ocd about keeping both views nice looking.


Hello @Shadowblitz16,

I don't think so. You can organize within groups your assets, but I do believe then won't ever create custom organizations. Objects, Scripts, Sprites, etc.. are all code resources and messing them up could be worse in very many ways, at least from my point of view =X


Oh man, thats true! I never used that, but it seems interesting...
Well, is there any motive for you to want to customize the default one since you can create custom ones?