Is it possible to add Video Files into GameMaker Studio 2?


Hello, I was thinking of adding 2D Animated Cutscenes into my game, but Adding Video Files like MP4, do not seem to be able to be added into the Engine. I was wondering if There was any possible way to add a video file (It needs to be at the same size as it was on the original file, meaning no scaling) I have seen other posts on this topic but, most converters cost money.


Forum Staff
As far as video conversion software goes, HandBrake is free. But how does converting the video into any other format resolve your issue? GMS itself has no video playback capabilities whatsoever. Converting your video to another format won't change that.

If you want to play videos in a GM game, you'll need an extension that lets you play videos. Only then will you be able to decide which video format you'll need based on which video formats that extension supports.