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Is indie worth it

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I am very new to gamemaker and am have been trying to create an executable. i am on the free version. to my understanding, i need to by indie or enterprise to make an exe for windows. i am probaly going to get it however i have a couple of questions . firstly, if i get indie will i be able to make an exe. secondly, is indie worth it?.


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Yes, you will be able to make an exe.

I can't answer the second question for you. You'll have to decide if this is worth it to you. Personally, I can say that if a hobby that has as many possibilities as game development costs as much as the Indie subscription, then it's definitely worth it to me. :)
Just an opinion; but It's not worth it. The free version has pretty much all the features, so just download it, have a play, build something cool. If you want to export, you can use the OperaGX export for free, too.

You can look at the indie license when you've got something ready to build into .exe if you really like.


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This is something noone can really answer except you.... Do you plan on releasing a game at any point? If yes, then get the subscription, if no, then don't. That's about as much as anyone can say on the subject, tbh. As such I'm closing the topic as there isn't much to discuss here and it's all WAY too subjective...
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