Android Irrlicht Apprentice


Hello everybody,

I would like to introduce you to my little sokoban-like puzzle game, made in GMS 2: Irrlicht Apprentice.

You can find it on Google Play:


You play a young apprentice, who is sent to the Shrine of Irrlichts, without knowing the reason. The irrlichts collected during the game give clues to the history of the shrine and the fate of the novice. I would not like to reveal more about the story because the uncovering and interpreting of the hints (small spoiler: it remains cryptic) are part of the suspense curve.


I hope you enjoy the game and appreciate your feedback :)


Hey! I just played and I did like it!
Below are my considerations:

The great:
  • I liked the style of the game! It gives and eerie feeling
  • Background music is fitting also
  • The ads are non obtrusive
  • Game picks up difficulty as you go
  • Menus and information are clear
  • I did not find any bugs or problems while playing it
  • It tested my logic skills!!!
Thing I would change:
  • I don't like the controls split between the screen. You could give the player options of controls (I would use all on the left or right side).
  • The minimap on the menu is great but believe you could add an indication o the room the player is in (a blinks light or something).
  • When I beat one of the dungeons (the purple level group) I expected to get some kind of message or partial endscreen. I did not.
  • Whenever you enter a beaten level you can still see and go over the initial point light. I prefer to have an empty room (maybe with different lighting to show you've beaten it).
All in all is a great game and I'll continue to play it as it is. If an update comes out let me know and ill check it too!


Hi TinyGamesLab,

thaks a lot for your detailed feedback :)

I'm glad, that you like the game and put your suggestions on my to do list.




I just played through it. I loved it! Brilliant puzzle design - a few of them had me pretty stumped for a while. The music was appropriate and the controls were easy to use. If anything I might make the control pad 10-20% larger since there is definitely space for it. The flickering light and the small bit of movement in the animations was great to keep the screen engaging as you stare at a puzzle trying to solve it.
Well done!